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A Superhero RPG

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RP Log Between Sen, Dani, and Gratia; takes place over AIM. [25 Mar 2005|03:34pm]

"This isn't good," Dani said, turning to Sensho. "We might be being invaided. Probably." Sen gasped.

"Wait.... what??" she said.

"You've heard of the InTime, right? Or, at least maybe read a book about it?" Dani asked. "There are allot of theories. Some Shamans have been there. All of us know what it looks like."

"In time??" Sen asked. ‘What the heck??'

"Uh...I guess not. Well...it's sort of like an out of time dimension. Allot of things that we humans don't consider to be real reside there. Ghosts, Fairies, Vampires...Demons," Dani said, doing her best to explain.

"Oh…” Sen said, still a little confused.

"Only a few people with allot of magical powers can go to InTime. It never comes here. The last time it happened...well, that wiped out the dinosaurs," Dani said, a worried expression beginning to form on her face,

"The...the dinosaurs??" Sen asked, speechless. ‘Wow…’ she thought.

Meanwhile, Gratia was walking around casually, checking out the neighborhood. Her ride was late.

"Yeah." Dani grimaced. "It's pretty bad..." She looked around. "There can only be a few possibilities if InTime is here; none of them very good. The first is that a major battle is going on in InTime; so big that it came to earth. Second, someone is purposely trying to open it up. Last, someone very powerful is being very stupid.”

"So what do we do??” Sen asked. “Can we do anything??" Dani shrugged.

"Probably not. We only see InTime sky right now - - no creatures from InTime have appeared…yet. So the outcome right now if it just shut off soon is better then it could be. A lot of magic residue could be left behind that might be harmful though "

"Okay..." Sen said, not comforted at all. Dani headed for the school.

"The Shaman council should be advised...although I'm sure there's something higher then them that could do better in this kind of situation. The Wizard Council? Uh...don't know how to contact them..."
'Councils?? What is she talking about?' Sen thought, following her. Dani looked at the sky before entering the building. The lightning had stopped, and the sky seemed to be slowly fading to normal.

"Huh?" Dani said outloud.

"Oh,” said Sen, a bit releaved, “ it's going back to normal. Good right??"

"Yeah, but..." Dani was confused. "It still leaves us to question why it was like that in the first place. We didn't see anything come out - - but that doesn't mean something didn't..." She paused. “Pluse there’s still the matter of magic residue that I talked about…”


Dani shrugged. "I guess we shouldn't worry about it." Sen gave her a big smile.


Dani turned to head back to the buses, and spotted someone wandering around.

"Hey, isn't that the new girl - - from England or something? She looks upset..."

"Huh?" Sen turned to follow her gaze. "Oh yeah. Wanna say hi?"

Dani shrugged. "Sure - - why not?"

Sen promptly walked over to Gratia. “Hi!” she said to the girl, a bit over enthusiastically. Dani followed Sen and gave the new girl a smile. Gratia turned her gaze towards them, slightly confused

“Oh - - “ she said. “Hello.”

"You look lost," Dani said. "Can we help you with anything?"

'Huh?’ Sen thought. ‘She looks confused.'

“No, I'm fine,” Gratia said. “I was just looking around.”

"That sounds like fun!" Sen said happily.

“ Yes, the grounds are quite pleasant here,” Gratia replied.

"Ooh! look at that!" Sen said, her attention catching to something else were. She ran to a flower that was growing by the side walk. Dani looked on blankly and turned back to Gratia.

"It appears she gets distracted easily..." Dani said blandly. Gratia watched as Sen ran towards the flower. It reminded her of something, but she could not recall what at the moment.

“Yes, it does,” Gratia replied.

"It's pretty!" Sen exclaimed, falling to her knees as to better examine it.

"Never really saw alot of flowers here; at least not on school grounds," Dani said as Sen sat looking at the flower. "Mostly weeds...I wonder where it came from?"

“There were tons of flowers where I used to live,” Gratia said.

"I like flowers! And trees too, now that I think about it,” Sen said.

"Really?" Dani asked, ignoring Sen’s comment. "That must of been nice. Where I come from we had some - - mostly Wildflowers. They were pretty, but I don't get to see many any more. Only the ones my mom grows, which are mostly your garden variety kind."

"There were lots of trees where I grew up," Sen interjected.

“I see,” Gratia said looking at the flower again. She wondered if her new house had any gardens.

"Hello pretty flower! How are you today?" Sen practically sang happily.

"Trees - - no trees were I was at." Dani said, ignoring Sen’s singing. Gratia seemed to be lost in thought. "I like trees though. My mom likes Weeping Willows. She wanted one at our house. We only have an oak in our backyard though."

“Weeping willows are quite lovely. We had two,” Gratia replied.

"That's wonderful! Well, it was nice to talk to you, pretty flower. Grow big okay??" Sen got up off her knees, brushing the dirt off. Dani stifled a laugh.

"God Sen, what grade are you in?" Dani paused. "Although, my Grandmother used to talk to flowers allot. Flowers, and rocks, and...once a fish..."

"If you talk to the flowers, they grow. That's what my family used to say. I once talked to this small tree everyday, at first it looked half-dead, but after a year it was as big as the other trees." Sen paused. “It was a nice tree. I miss it."

“Even flowers get lonely, of course,” Gratia said.

"What a pretty thing to say..." Sen replied, eyes shining. Dani looked at Gratia, a perplexed expression on her face.

"That's what my Grandmother used to say."

"That's weird. I've never heard that before." Gratia stared at them both

'…Well, this is an awkward silence,' Sen thought, fidgeting slightly. Dani coughed.

"Well, we best get going..." she said, turning to get on the bus. It wasn't there.

"Uh...I think we just missed out bus, Sen."


“Oh? You ride the bus?” Gratia asked, tilting her head. ”It left about 5 minutes ago.” She glanced at her watch “Nope, 6.”

"Well, time to get walking!” Sen said, as enthusiastically as she could as she was mentally crying. “Yay walking.........whoo."

"Yeah." She shrugged, and turned to Sen. "It's okay though. My cousin MoonDance is in town, so I can call her and ask her to give us a ride."

“We could give you a ride, if you want,” Gratia said.

“…Or we could take her offer,” Dani said, pointing at Gratia with her thumb.

"I don't care,” Sen said happily, “as long as I’m not walking home." 'I can't belive I missed the bus! ' she thought.

"Well, MoonDance's car smells bad..."

"I'll go with you,” Sen said immediately, turning to Gratia.

"Me too," Dani said. "MoonDance has to be the most annoying person in my family."

Gratia nodded and then glanced around.

“Oh, they're finally here.”

"Wow!” Gratia said in amazement as Gratia’s ride pulled up. “You have a limo to pick you up??!!" Gratia nodded and began walking to the limo.

'I've never rode in a limo before! This is COOL!' Sen thought, practically bouncing after Gratia.

"...I amso glad I didn't call MoonDance," Dani said. She followed Gratia. "So, are you like, a heiress or something? Like Paris Hilton and what-not?"

"Like who??" Sen asked. Gratia was silent. I tall man stepped out of the limo.

“Are these…children with you, madam? " he asked.
“Yes," Gratia replied.

“Very well...” He opened the door and Gratia allowed them to get in first.

"This is so AWSOME!" Sen exclaimed, allowing herself to get comfy.

"Paris Hilton," Dani said, bringing the subject back at hand, still amazed that Sen didn’t know who she was talking about. "You know? The Simple Life?"


Dani sighed. "Try watching TV, okay?"

The window rolled down.

“Where do you two live?” Gratia asked.

"T......V..... What's that?" ignoring Gratia. Dani looked at her blankly.

"You're kidding me, right?"

"No. Why would I kid you?" Sen asked, still perplexed.

"What, were you raised in some backwater town? How can you not know what TV is? It's a major appliance - - like a microwave, or a toaster!" Dani said.

'Microwave…?’Sen thought. ‘…toaster?...’ She gave Dani a confused look.

"Oh...my...god...don't tell me you haven't heard of those either!"

"Ok then, I won’t,” Sen said with a shrug. Gratia laughed, and Dani put her arm around Sen.

"My friend, you have allot to learn about the here-and-now. And I, Daniel MoonSong Yamamoto will be more then happy to teach you."

"Okaaay…I guess…” Sen said, a bit frightened of her new friend. ' I wonder why she thinks this "TV" and the other things are so important.’ she thought.

“Odd,” Gratia suddenly said, brow furrowed.

"What's odd?" Sen asked.

“…I don't know,” Gratia said. “I just got an odd feeling.”

Dani frowned. Something was off with the spiritual world...like...

"An opening." Dani said.

“ Yes…” Gratia said.

"An opening??" Sen asked, confused for not the first time that day.

"From...something. Not sure what. There are infinite possibilities..." Dani said. She didn’t say what she though. That the InTime was the most likely one.

“Stop the car,” Gratia said sharply. The limo halted and she opened the door, stepping out onto the street.. Gratia glanced up into the sky. It was the same as the last time…

"Well," Dani said, following Gratia out of the car and following her gaze skyward. "This isn't good..." Sen followed suit, and looked at the sky as well.

"Again?" she asked.

"Uhm...this isn't good," Dani said again. She frowned. "And it just got worse. I just sensed my 'master's' presence..." She made a face at the word ‘master’.

"Master?" Sen asked. "Bad?"

"I hope he didn't cause this," Dani mumbled under her breath, ignoring Sen. Gratia looked questioningly at her; Sen was still staring at the sky. Dani took a deep breath and explained.

"There's this thing Shamans have to do, where they get 'master's'. Usually they're wizards." Dani made a face. "Mine just happens to be a pretentious basted who acts like he's older then me when, technically, he's the same age. He thinks that just because he knows more magic then me, that he’s better. Well, I’ve got news for him! HE’S NOT! "

"What?" Sen asked.

"...Do you hear that?" Dani asked, ignoring Sen's question. "It sounds...like thunder..."

"Yeah…” Sen said, letting it drop. The rumbling continued, and the earth started shaking.

"Oh no," Dani said, supernatural senses that years of training has somewhat perfected flaring. “The hole connecting the InTime to here just got bigger!”

"Is it an earthquake?" Sen asked, a bit frightened. Gratia stared up at the sky, ignoring what was happening.

“Something is coming,” she said, her voice a bit detached.

"What though?" Sen asked.

The sky seemingly ripped open, and a giant creature came through. It had a huge upper thorax that resembled a green brain covered in ooze, and tiny eyes. It held itself up by long, obsidian, spider-line legs that shimmered in the sunlight.”

"Not that!" Dani said. "Not a Marterian!"

"AHHH!" Shrieked Sen.

“...Marterian?” Gratia asked, managing to keep her cool.

"WHAT THE HECK IS A MARTERIAN??!!" Sen exclaimed.

"They - - they have this empathy thing where they can set your body on fire! Only it's soul fire, so you can't put it out unless you have soul water!" Dani backed away from the creature. "Guys, I DON'T HAVE SOUL WATER!"

“...Soul water?” Gratia asked, still the essence of calm.

"WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??" Sen asked, the exact opposite of Gratia. She took a few deep breaths and managed to calm herself down a bit. "Should we run?" she asked finally.

“What the heck are you talking about?” Gratia asked, getting annoyed. She paused, and looked at Sen.

“We can't back down,” she said, eyes blazing. “It's from

"Them?" Dani asked.

"What are YOU talking about?" Sen said, turning from Dani and pointing at Gratia. She didn't take her eyes off the monster.

“Could this be the one..?” Gratia asked, more out loud to herself then to the two girls with her. Sen looked at her, confusion and terror writ upon her face.

"Look, we don't have time to figure out what she's talking about," Dani said. "One of these things could destroy the Earth! We have to take it down!!"

"But how?" Sen asked.

"I...don't really know!" Dani said. "But it's better then doing nothing!"

"Do we have a plan? A plan would be good!"

“Hmm,” Gratia said absentmindedly, not really paying attention to the conversation. Dani sighed and turned her attention to the Marterian.

"Hey, snot-on-legs!" She yelled, waving her arms. "You wanna fight!" The thing turned and looked at the three girls.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING??" shrieked Sen, backing up, her arms in front of her, palms up.

"THIS!" Dani yelled. She brought he left arm back, and a flame like bow and arrow appeared in her arms. She shot it at the creature. The arrow pierced its flesh with a hiss and it gave a shriek a pain.

"…How did you do that?" Sen asked.

"Magic," Dani said sarcastically. "Look sharp!" The thing started to make its way towards them.

"EEE!" Sen cried holding her arms inform of her, and on the verge of running. Suddenly, she turned invisible.

Gratia, on the other hand, was completely oblivious to what was happening; she just stared blankly in front of her.

'How did I do that??'’ Sen thought, looking at her hand, or lack there of.

"Sen? Sen, where’d you go?" Dani asked. She looked at Gratia, who continued to stare at what appeared to be nothing.

"Right here," Sen said, tapping Dani on the shoulder. She jumped, and looked at where Sen wasn’t, adjusting her Shamanic powers until she could see the outline of Sen from the body heat she gave of.

"Well, I don’t see how this helps!!" Dani yelled as the thing reached out to the three of them with a green mind wave.

Sen ran towards it, out of its line of physic fire, and tried to hypnotize it. Dani quickly formed a fire barrier made from the same fire from her mind that she used to expose one’s darkest fears around her and Gratia. 'I have to do something!' She thought.

"Okay, nasty scum!" Dani said, "let's see what your greatest fear is!" Dani held her hands out in front of her, another fire arrow forming in her shaft; this time it glowed an unseemingly yellow; this was the fire of her mind. She pulled back and let it fly.

'what is she going to do?” Sen thought.

A sharp pain in her head awaked Gratia. She glanced around her. Meanwhile, Sen turned visible again, this time appearing behind the monster.

'What the heck am I supposed to do to this thing?' she thought, looking for some sort of vantage point that she could hit to cripple the thing.

Dani was immediately met with sharp images of a group of people in what looked like 16th century London from the mind bolt she sent at the Marterian. Information filled her brain; the old man in front who was an empath, the Shaman behind him whose hands were neatly folded in from of him, the Vampire lady at his side who seemed harmless.

"Great!" Dani said. "He's afraid of three people who don't even exist any more! This is some help!" She thought for a moment. “I can try to make an allusion and show him his fears, but for all we know it might just piss him off!”

"’He’? How can you tell it’s a he?" Sen asked, hoping that it wouldn’t’ step on her.

"All Martians are he's! " Dani said.


'That makes no sense,' She thought.

Gratia closed her eyes and made her hands in the form of a diamond. Water began rushing forth from the diamond, engulfing the creature. Dani watched as it withered and screamed from the water Gratia had made appear from no were, slowly melting away, the sky turning to normal.

"Wow…” Sen said as the Marterian disappeared in from of her.

"Well," Dani said, "That was totally cool.”
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RP Log Between Sen and Dani; Takes Place over AIM [22 Mar 2005|05:24pm]

Dani walked out of her classroom, regretting the day and all that it held. Slowly she made her way to where the buses where parked, trying to keep herself awake and upright. The bus was late, as usual, so Dani waited with the other kids who chattered endlessly for the bus to arrive. Soon Sen met up with her, looking like the portrait of happiness.

"Home, home home, home. Hi Dani! Home, home!" Dani looked at her blankly for a moment, not sure if she was still physically all the way in this world. What was this strange girl chanting about home for?

"We can go home!" Sen exclaimed, ignoring the fact that Dani was clueless in her song-like sentences.

"I know," Dani said with a sigh, finally fully processing the day, and perking up a little. "Today just seemed to drag on and on forever..." she added, the corners of her mouth tugging down into a frown again; but only for a second.

"Umhum. I nearly fell asleep; then I met Bigfoot," Sen said, clearly with too much energy for a normal teenager. Dani began to wonder if she was always like this or if she was having an after-school sugar rush.

"Bigfoot?" Dani asked. "Uh...you must be talking about that one eccentric teacher. I forget his...her...it's name." She shrugged; she was never good with names. Or faces for that matter. Was Sen talking about the teacher that wore masks, or the one who actually looked like Bigfoot? "Was it the eccentric one? Or the hairy one? I don't really keep up with the teachers I don't have."

"Um, no. It was a mask. That class is strange...." Sen said, her face nostalgic as she remembered the events that had happened that day in her last class.

"Yeah, well, what class isn't here at Freakville?" Dani asked. "Ever since that whole meteor thing, allot of people act really strange."

"Meteor??" Sen asked, her face blank. ‘I’m confused…’ she thought. ‘What meteor? Maybe I haven’t been here long enough…

"Yeah,” Dani said, surprised that her new friend didn’t know about it. It had been all over the news, and killed a lot of people, including her Grandmother. “A few years back there was this meteor that hit in a town not that far away, and allot of people went AWOL. Some say it even trigged, like, mutants or something; you know, like the X-Men? Superpowers and stuff. All that jazz." She shrugged. "I don't belive it though. Everything I can do came from years of Shaman training from my Grandmother! And that other guy.” Her eyes narrowed, and she mumbled under her breath, “Andtheguy’snamethatwewillNOTspeackof…”. Dani caught herself.

Wait! I’m not supposed to talk about my Madd Shaman Skillz out loud! Just because I slipped up with Sai doesn’t mean I can slip up all the time! She mentally slapped herself on the forehead and hoped that Sen hadn’t noticed.

"Oh," Sen said thoughtfully. ‘So that's what happened here,’ she thought. ‘ I was starting to think that it was a little… strange in this town...’ She paid no heed to Dani’s shaman remark; there had been a lot of those kinds of people were she came from, and she didn’t think much would be different here.

"Anywho…” Dani said, glad that Sen hadn’t noticed her last remark. She stopped when she caught sight of the sky. “...WHAT THE???"

"What??" Sen asked, looked around her franticly, thinking it was another dog, or Sai there for round two.

"Look!" Dani pointed to the sky. It had turned a sickening orange red, not normal for the afternoon. Luminous brow clouds began to gather, and blue lightning flashed forth from them. Sen looked at it, a littler bewildered.

"It's pretty… " the cat demon said, watching the sky that seemed to be out of an abstract painting.

"It...it looks like something from...the InTime?" Dani tapped her chin, confused, as the other kids stared at the sky mystified. “But how can that be…? Unless…?” Her eyes widened.

“Oh, shit.”
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7th period [21 Mar 2005|07:19pm]

Sen walked into her last class, nearly sleepwalking. "AHHHHHH!" When she looked up she was staring strait at Bigfoot, or at least a mask. "What in the world??!! " "Okay class take your seats, today we will be talking about dragons!" "Dragons??!! YAY!" The teacher talked about the methods on how to find and document dragon findings. *RINNNNGGGGG!* "The bell! I'M FREE!!"
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Last Period - - Ring Them Bells! [20 Jan 2005|08:27am]

[ mood | crushed ]

Dani walked as slowly as she could to the Photography room, Gratia trailing behind. She almost expected her to complain about her pace - - but she didn't.
As much as Dani loved the photography, the hated the teacher - - Mrs. Kalli had a Teaxen draw, even though she was straight from India. She also called Dani by her middle name, even though Dani hated it. "Moon Song". It was he Native American name - - or something like that.
'It's bad enough that I have Mrs. Talks-About-Random-Things for 6th period,' Dani thought, 'but then Mrs. Kalli afterwards? Kill me. Please.'
Dani managed to get into the class the moment that the bell rung, but she wasn't feeling any better.
Not to mention the new assinment was to take a picture of a shoe.
Could it get anymore boring?
"There's a new student I have to introduce..." Dani said to Mrs.Kalli.
"O~kay..." the teacher said, typeing one thing or another into her computor. "Hold on a minet, Moon~Stone..." Dani winced, and waited while Mrs. Kalli finished doing whatever it was that she was doing.
"Gratia is it?" Mrs. Kalli asked. "Nice ta' have ya' in mah class. Dani, would you introduce her to the rest of tha' class."
"This is Gratia," Dani said to the mass of chattering kids. They didn't seem to notice.
Dani took her seat, leaving Mrs. Kalli to assign Gratia hers.

Anything but ordinary.

Waiting for a chance... [01 Jan 2005|06:30pm]

Not entirely comfortable with her school teacher's pants-suit, Valorian Jorgensen sits at her desk in the World History class room waiting for her chance to get a closer look at the powers she sensed in the students. Feeling rediculous without her viking garb, Valorian hopes that it will be worth it.

On seeing the first girl, Danielle enter the room, Valorian looks up and smiles, using all her charisma to make the girl at ease. With a nod to a desk, she invites Danielle to sit.

"Your teacher fell ill at the last minute with something terrible. I will be replacing him indefinitely." Another smile for the girl as Valorian thinks to herself that the teacher did not just get ill, he clear keeled over and died. "I am Miss Jorgensen. Welcome to my world history class."
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Valorian Jorgensen's schedule [01 Jan 2005|06:23pm]

Clicketh The LinkethCollapse )
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6th Period [13 Dec 2004|08:07pm]

Sen walked into her English class and saw Sai and Dani sitting in the back of the room,so she went to join them. Sen flopped down on the desk and sighed.
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5th Period [13 Nov 2004|10:32pm]

Sai walked into Japanese class slightly winded her M.A. teacher wanted to see what she could do after she told him that she was already and accomplished fighter. She spotted Dani at the back of class and took the seat next to her just as the bell rang.
"Hey, Dani, how has your morning been. Probably more interesting than mine, I've been trying to stay awake all day, they need some more interesting classes," she said letting out a sigh 'is fourth always longer than the other classes... oh well, I'm not complaining, not yet at least'
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[03 Nov 2004|08:02pm]

Sen walked up to the doors of her new high school. ' So, this is high school. I wonder why humans think that this is supposed to be fun. I'd rather be out in the woods, laying in my tree.' She looked at the little blue schedule card in her hands. "Let's see, ASL, room #260. I wonder where that is?" she said unnaturally to herself. She looked at the map all the new students were given. "260, 260, Where is it??!!"
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Sai's schedule [02 Nov 2004|08:21pm]

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Dani's Scedual [30 Oct 2004|11:34pm]

Under heee~ere! ^-^Collapse )
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Class Schedule for Sen [30 Oct 2004|08:59pm]

Class ScheduleCollapse )
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MOD Post [30 Oct 2004|03:22pm]

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First Post!!! =O [28 Oct 2004|06:18pm]

Danile moaned and covered her head with her pillow as her alarm beeped, disturbing her sleep.
"DANI!!!" yelled her mother from the kitchen. "WAKE UP!!!"
"Don't wanna," Danile mumbled into her pillow.
"You don't have a choice," said a voice from her door. 'Uh oh,' Danile thought burrowing herself under her blankets, and squinting her eyes shut. It was no use. Her father had her by her feet in know time.
"Let me go!" Danile shrieked as her father pulled her by her ankles.
"Wake up, and I will," her father said, chukiling. She maneged to get out of his grasp and fall out of the bed, making him laugh even more as he turned on the light.
"Be dressed by breakfeast-," he told her as she shielded herself from the blinding light. She glared, and got up with a sigh.
After changing into her school uniform, Danile sat down with her parents and they scarfed down their food and she casually ate her scrambled eggs. They were out of the house before she had even finished her milk.
'No worries,' Dani thought, sipping spooning some eggs into her mouth. 'At least mom didn't kiss me goodbye like she allways does...'
After she finished eating, she manged to brush her hair and teeth, the rush outside to catch the bus. It was raining, and she hoped she wouldn't miss it. It wasn't that long of a walk to school, but it would seem longer if she had to walk.
She checked her watch. She should make it on time. For once...
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